Big Wave Bay (or Tai Long Wan in Cantonese)

Big Wave Bay

Photographer's Note

This photo was taken at Big Wave Bay on the east coast of Hong Kong Island.

You can walk far into the water (30-40 metres), but you need to watch for the waves.

Hong Kong has actually 4 places called Big Wave Bay or Tai Long Wan (in Cantonese).

Two of the others are on Lantau Island (West of Shek Pik and South coast of Chi Ma Wan Peninsula) and one is east of the Sai Kung Peninsula, near Ham Tin Wan.

The Hong Kong Surfing Association (HKSA) was founded in 1995 by Simon Chau, Francesco Suarez and Grant Robinson. It has several hundred members - both local Chinese and expats.

The sport has been booming locally, since Hong Kong was represented by Kriston Reid and Mathis Reily in the 1998 Bali Grommet Contest ­ one of the world's top junior events. This was the first time HK took part in an international competition.

On Big Wave Bay beach, you can rent boards for HK$50 per day, and bodyboards for HK$10-30 per day.

Camera Details

Camera: Olympus C-7000 / C-70 Zoom.
Date taken:2005-10-09.
Exposure: f/4.8, 1/320 seconds.